Organic Earmuff Magic Rosewood

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Choose from our selection of must-have baby beanies. The Organic Earmuff Magic Rosewood is made of the highest grade certified organic cotton yarn. Organic accreditation assures that the beanie is kind to both heads and our fragile environment. This beanie has ear flaps for cosy and soothing weather protection. A vivid polka dot jacquard design gives a lively and cheerful look for infant inspiration and bonding. The pom poms provide a lovely and whimsical touch, and the complementing colours make our collection easy to coordinate with any outfit. We believe the Magic Peony is truly amazing when combined with a neutral t-shirt or matched with vibrant accessories!


- Certified 100% organic cotton yarn
- Beautifully textured melange knit
- Ear flaps for cosy warmth
- Vibrant jacquard polka dot design
- Pom poms introduce a cute and whimsical look
- Fully lined for protection from the elements
- Quality crafting provides lasting durability
- Designed in Australia, Made in China


- Certified 100% Organic Cotton Yarn

Organic Earmuff Magic Rosewood
Organic Earmuff Magic Rosewood

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