Earla Pinafore Silverpine (3-8Y)

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Earla Pinafore Silverpine

Is all ready for your layering requirements

With a pleated skirt and a low-cut bodice that zips up the front, the pinafore is great for layering but keeps the flow of your natural curves. You can also opt for a high necked bodice, keeping that zip front and skirt - but shortened by a good few inches - now you have a dress that you can still layer, and unzip a little to the bust point if you are feeling risqué.

Finally, if you just don’t fancy either bodice with your fabric choice, add the waistband so you can just make a skirt!

Earla Pinafore Silverpine (3-8Y)
Earla Pinafore Silverpine (3-8Y)

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